ANSTHRLD - Badges for Kingdom Awards/Titles

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Jan 3 10:15:11 PST 2001

Borek wrote:
> We can ask the Crown if they are interested in registering such a
> badge

May I suggest not doing that until after someone finds that the King's
Champion of England or of some other place had armory associated with
the office?  I suspect he didn't, but I don't know.

There's an SCA notion I find odd.  The progression seems to be:
1.  Activity X (for some value of X) is a Good Thing.
2.  You get more of what you recognize and reward.
3.  We should reward X.
4.  The way to reward X is to register a title (often an order name,
    even though it's not actually an order because they don't meet or
    otherwise act as a corporate body) and a badge (using black and
    gold and an Ansteorran widget) and design a special dangly
    (different from the badge, of course, but still in black and gold
    with an Ansteorran widget) and a scroll text that Sings! and is
    Deeply Meaningful! and its own slot in the Order of Precedence
    ... and bugger any period examples shown.

I agree with points 1 thru 3.  Point 4 has stuck us with lots of
twinkie names and armory, though at least in this case at least one
period kingdom (England) had a "King's Champion", so the name and
concept itself is a good idea.

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