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Warlord and Crown Prince/ss
Re Warlord
kobrien at writes:

> FYI, the badge currently associated with Kingdom Warlord was originally
>  registered for King's Champion. (snip)
>  Anyone here been around long enough to remember 

Well, yes, I must admit to this.

>  what went on in 1989 to
>  switch which name the badge was associated with?  Were they one and the
>  same position back then?  

No, they've never been the same position.  The King's Champion protects the 
King; the Kingdom Warlord helps the King protect the Kingdom.  Ansteorra 
hasn't always had regularly scheduled tournaments to select / replace each of 
them, but that's a different matter.  (See my previous remark about 
consistency in Ansteorra.)

I was just a little bitty baby herald back in 1989 but as I remember, "they" 
thought the Kingdom Warlord needed an individual banner more than the King's 
Champion, since it was more likely that the Warlord's duties would take him 
from the presence of the King and the Kingdom banner.  March to September of 
1989 isn't very long --I've forgotten (if I ever knew) whether "they" 
intended to register a Warlord banner from the first, muffed it, and then 
corrected it, or if "they" changed "their" minds almost as soon as it got 
registered.  Of course, it was the first and last time that submitters did 
either one of those.  <B-i-i-i-g grin with tongue *firmly* in cheek.>

If the LoI's don't tell us anything, Da'ud may be able to.  He was Star 
Principal Herald until January, 1990.  But a lot has happened since then.

RE: Crown Prince/ss
cbackus at writes:

> > Crown Tournament                Prince/Princess
>  Don't they use the Kings or the Queen's arms with a label?  

They could, and occasionaly do, but Ansteorra has registered arms for her 
Crown Prince and Princess "left over" from our days as a Principality.  As a 
logical historical irony, the children's arms are older than their parents', 
having been registered in 1978 vs 1980:

Crown Prince  (reg August, 1978): Or, a compass-star of ten sable, 
interlacing a laurel wreath vert ribboned gules within a tressure sable, 
issuant from base and overall a sun in glory gules. 
Crown Princess (reg August, 1978): Or, a mullet of five greater and five 
lesser points sable within and interlaced by a chaplet vert of five roses 
argent, seeded Or, within a tressure sable, overall issuant from base a 
demi-sun gules. 

who wishes we could have stuck with "a compass star of ten"  because it's so 
much shorter, even though compass stars by definition have 8 points.  Since 
it's an SCA invention anyway, why couldn't we invent a variation?
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