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Wed Jan 3 12:11:20 PST 2001

RE: Children's protectors.

>  Kingdom Defender of
>  the Children (badge in submission), Kingdom Champion of the Children 
> in
>  submission).

These got combined; we were going to do a sword for the Defender and a rapier 
for the Champion until someone realized that in heraldry, there is no 
difference. (Cats is cats; roses is roses; long narrow-bladed weapons is long 
narrow-bladed weapons.)   But the Defender uses a broadsword and the Champion 
uses a rapier. 

The following badge associated with [Ansteorra, Kingdom of] was registered in 
December of 1999 (via Ansteorra):
Or semy of hands sable, on a lozenge gules a broadsword Or.
for the Children's Defender

Suzanne, I'll send you what graphics I have for these; no guarantees.

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