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Fri Jan 5 06:59:09 PST 2001

I talked to Meredudd Tuesday evening and she planned to post this, but I 
haven't seen it.  So I'll repeat what I was told:

The decision meeting for ILOI 0010/11 is scheduled for this weekend at 
Steppes 12th Night.  This is also Meredudd's last event as MoChildren for 
Steppes, and she's concerned about possible conflicts in schedule.  Check on 
site for time and place.  Fallback plan is a decision meeting at Coronation, 
even though Meredudd can't attend that day.  Something will be arranged.  

There were no acceptable submissions by Nov 15 for a December ILoI, and none 
by Dec 15 for a January ILoI.  (Aside: Everybody throw away ALL the old forms 
you see!  We've had new forms since 1998 FTLOM! And Asterisk cannot accept 
personal checks directly from submitters; only Kingdom submission tables, 
Regionals [if they chose], and PEs [if they chose] can do that.)

There are acceptable submissions for a February ILoI, and more on the way.  
Coronation submissions will probably be in the March ILoI.  

There will be no decision meetings in February and March, because of no ILoIs 
in Dec and Jan.  However, an LoI may be composed of fasttracked submissions 
from Coronation and other submissions. 

(Ex-Asterisk, who is *not* getting back into this, except as a commenter, but 
can't help repeating what she's heard)
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