ANSTHRLD - conflict check for anvil on a flame

Doug Bell debell at
Fri Jan 5 16:05:49 PST 2001

(Fieldless) On a flame argent, an anvil sable.

Checked fire, grenade, anvil, torch, and candle.
Thankfully this avoids William of Sark, a conflict 
monster from way back in 1973.

Problem 1) 
Richard of Black Iron July of 1989 (via Caid):
Argent, a single-horned anvil reversed sable, enflamed proper.

July 1989 LoAR Richard of Black Iron. Badge. Argent, a 
single-horned anvil reversed sable,  enflamed proper.  
He has permission to conflict with the badge of Alaric 
Erskin [Fieldless] ("On a flame proper, an ermine spot sable.").

If this is properly drawn then it should be clear of visual 
conflict with a CD for fieldless and another CD for change 
of color of the flame.  I include it because it is very similar
to the proposed badge.

Bigger problem 2)
Elvira de Córdoba June of 1984 (via Meridies):
Per pale gules and sable, on a flame argent a unicorn's head couped

One CD for fieldless, none for the flame, and none for change of 
type to a tertiary.

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