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Greetings, Maridonna!

I've been told that I also need to note the page in black from which these
citations come.  Would you mind giving me that information?

Angus - Black, s.n. Angus ... The first of the name recorded in Scotland was
Angus, one of the three sons of Eochaidh, who took possession of Isla and Jura.
The name of the Pictish king, Omnust filius Urgust who died in c. 761, is the
same ... Angus, son of Somerled c. 1150, Angus mac Dunec' ...1204-1211. Anggues

Booth - Black, s.n. Booth. Of local origin from a residence at a booth (ME.
bothe, a hut of temporary shelter). The surname is found in serveral parts of
Scotland. The ship of Walter de La Bothe, a merchant of Aberdene, was plundered
at sea by the English near Yarmouth in 1273, Chrisiane 'atte bothe' of Berewyk
in 1296, Andreas de Botha in Dundee in 1381, Nicholas de Botha in Dundee in
1381, William de Botha witness c 1350-66.

By the end of period 'de' had been dropped from most by-names as inherited had
become fixed surnames.

Thanks for all your help!

-- Suzanne

--- Andrea Hicks <maridonna at> wrote:
> Suzanne Powell wrote:
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> > Thank you so much for your quick reply!!!
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> > Would this information be enough for name documentation?
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> > -- Suzanne
> It should be.  Be aware that the Hitching and Hitching book *need
> photocopies*, unless someone in the Ansteorran chain-of-heralds (what
> visions come to my mind!) or heirarchy has a copy, or someone you know
> has a copy. If not, let me know and I'll get you what you need.
> Black's full citation is :Black, George F._The Surnames of Scotland_.
> New York Public Library, 1996, ISBN 0-87104-172-3.
> Hitching and Hitching sitation is:_References to English Surnames in
> 1601 and 1602_. F. K. Hitching & S. Hitching, Reprinted for Clearfield
> Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1998, ISBN
> 0-8603-0181-3. 
> -- 
> Andrea/Maridonna
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