ANSTHRLD - conflict check for anvil on a flame

Rendell Skaggs rendells at
Fri Jan 5 21:13:00 PST 2001

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about heraldry yet so
please be patient with me. My impression with Timothy's example is that
it is showing a cd for a change of the primary charge, the only
difference I see in those two blazons is one has a pheon and the other
has a cross moline. Using that as a reference could i claim a cd for
changing the unicorn's head to an anvil?

Timothy wrote:
RfS X.4.j.ii.a cites the example of :

Or, on a heart vert a pheon argent
has one clear difference from
Or, on a heart vert a cross moline argent.

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