ANSTHRLD - conflict check for anvil on a flame

Teceangl tierna at
Fri Jan 5 15:43:58 PST 2001

Checking: (Fieldless) On a flame argent an anvil sable.

Magnus called the conflict I'm also calling, this being:
Elvira de Cordoba - June of 1984 (via Meridies): Per pale gules and sable, on 
a flame argent a unicorn's head couped sable.

Timothy said:
> With due respect to Magnus' ability, I disagree with this assessment. 
> RfS X.4.j.ii.a cites the example of :
> Or, on a heart vert a pheon argent has one clear difference from Or, on
> a heart vert a cross moline argent.
> This clearly shows that complete change of the type of the tertiary can
> be worth a CD provided that "(a) it it simple enough in outline to be
> voided, and (b) it is correctly drawn with an interior substantial
> enough to display easily recognizable charges." (RfS X.4.j.ii)
> As such, I would say that this does not conflict and my fine college
> from Dragonsfire Tor's badge is clear of this conflict.

Sorry, Timothy, but Magnus is correct.
A flame is not simple enough in outline to be voided as per X.4.j.ii.a.
Here are relative Laurel precedents:

   Though blazoned as "enflamed argent and azure", the flames were drawn
   on the large emblazon as "azure, fimbriated argent". We have
   disallowed fimbriated flames for quite some time. [12a/93, p.15]

   ... the flames were drawn as fimbriated, which has not been allowed
   for some time. [Frederich Holstein der Tollhase, 9/99, R-Middle]

   These are not flames proper, they are flames Or fimbriated gules.
   This has been disallowed for some time. [Magnus Jager, 10/99,

   [flames proper] The flames are poorly tinctured; flames proper should
   have alternating tongues of Or and gules. The flames here are Or
   fimbriated gules, which has long been grounds for return.[Jared the
   Potter and Sajah bint Habushun ibn Ishandiyar al-Hajjaj, 11/99,

No fimbriating, no voiding.  No voiding, no X.4.j.ii.a.  Conflict with the
cited with only one CD for removal of the field as per X.4.a.iii.

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