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Doug Bell debell at
Mon Jan 22 03:37:59 PST 2001

Greetings Cahira

How are matters on our western marches of
our kingdom?

> 3 rapiers, "pointy ends" facing downwards, but
> hilts coming together at the top with a cooking pot
> hanging from them.

I could make a argument that is non period heraldry 
design but try this:
A cooking pot suspended from a tripod of three rapiers
points to base.

>1) field: gold
>   charge: a black penguin facing left
>   border: blue

Or, a penguin statant close sable within a bordure azure.
The penguins don't seem to have a default posture.
They are usually depicted in a close posture in almost 
triune aspect.  Guess this is because there aren't that
many ways you can draw the little critters that make
them recognizable.

No conflicts found.

Does the submittor want a black penguin or a black penguin
with a white belly like they are found in nature?
With the exception of a gold penguin all of the SCA
penguins are sable, bellied argent.
I can see a problem with a penguin sable turning into
an unidentifiable black blob.

Penguins this early in the morning bring to mind
Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Magnus von Lubeck
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