ANSTHRLD - conflict check, please :-)

Brent Ryder bryder at
Mon Jan 22 09:15:04 PST 2001

>can i get y'all to conflict check the following 2 devices for me (and help me >blazon them, too)?

>1) field: gold
>   charge: a black penguin facing left
>   border: blue

Is the penguin all black or does it have a white belly? Does the body face to the left or just the head?

>2) this second one, i don't know about the field color (i've forgotten), but >here is what the submitter wants. i need to know if it's possible to do >something like this:
>3 rapiers, "pointy ends" facing downwards, but hilts coming together at the >top with a cooking pot hanging from them.

[Field?] three rapiers inverted conjoined at the bells [Tincture], a cooking pot depended from the bells [Tincture]

I am not sure if this is a valid Heraldic positioning. I am fairly sure I have seen a cooking tripod with cauldron hanging from it in SCA heraldry, but I may be confusing it with something else I have seen.

>does that make any sense? if not, i can rephrase it, or maybe even draw up >a pic on "paint."

Tinctures and a field would help with the second blazon


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