ANSTHRLD - Yet another conflict check

doug bell magnus77840 at
Fri Jan 26 20:26:17 PST 2001

>In checking "Or, in pale a crescent and a pawprint
gules," does it conflict with "Or, a bear's paw print
gules?" I'm wondering if there's a CD for arrangement.

>From Laurels rulings it looks like pawprints
is pawprints with no CD there.

"We blazon the type of pawprints for the same reason
that we blazon specific types of sword; it may not
grant any heraldic difference, but there are sufficient
differences in the various types to warrant mentioning
in the blazon." [1/94, p.10]

There is one CD for adding the crescent.

When you add the crescent the pawprint has to move
out of the way.  I would argue this is a forced move
and you get no CD from it.
So conflict.

Magnus von Lubeck
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