ANSTHRLD - Old submission (from 1995) query (& conflict check)

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Sun Jan 28 16:32:24 PST 2001

Charlene Charette <charlene at> wrote:
> Finally found it in my old Gazettes.  Daniel has it noted as 8/95a;
> in my files I have it marked as 6/95.  Not sure which is correct,
> although I don't suppose it really matters.  It was an odd Gazette
> produced at an odd time.

It was a letter direct from Star, rather like a mini-Gazette in
information content though not in at all in format.  It had procedure
changes (rather major ones!), announcements, changes to sumptuary
laws, roster changes, the calendar, and acceptances and returns from
Laurel and kingdom for May and June.  No ILoI, tho.

It was undated, and I have no postmark on my copy (mailed in an
evelope?).  I have "15 J/u/l/y/?/ August 1995" (where "x/" represents
an "x" scratched thru) written on the top, and my database of heraldic
submissions says "There was an extra letter from Star postmarked 15
August 1995 which included results but no ILoI; it is AG ``8/95a''
below".  Perhaps Perronnelle got hers earlier?

Daniel de Lincolia
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