ANSTHRLD - Old submission (from 1995) query (& conflict check)

Charlene Charette charlene at
Sun Jan 28 21:32:00 PST 2001

"Timothy A. McDaniel" wrote:
> It was undated, and I have no postmark on my copy (mailed in an
> evelope?).  I have "15 J/u/l/y/?/ August 1995" (where "x/" represents
> an "x" scratched thru) written on the top, and my database of heraldic
> submissions says "There was an extra letter from Star postmarked 15
> August 1995 which included results but no ILoI; it is AG ``8/95a''
> below".  Perhaps Perronnelle got hers earlier?

Mine has a postmark, but of course it's not legible.  Not sure when I
wrote the date in - when I received it or when I filed it and needed to
stick this undated document 'someplace'.


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