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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Sun Jan 28 17:08:48 PST 2001

Emma de Fetherstan / "Jennifer Smith" <jds at> wrote:
> In checking "Or, in pale a crescent and a pawprint gules," does it
> conflict with "Or, a bear's paw print gules?"  I'm wondering if
> there's a CD for arrangement.

It is for the most part true that you can't get a CD for a property
that's present in one design but impossible in the other.  One of the
designs here has only one charge.  It is impossible for one charge to
be "in pale", "in fess", "in orle", "in schnecke", or any other
arrangement term (which apply to multiple charges only).  There is one
CD for adding the crescent, but none for arrangement, so they

One thing that might be considered an exception to my generalization
is that addition/deletion of charges can be a CD.
    Sable, a widget Or.
has a CD from
    Sable, a widget and a chief Or.
More interestingly, addition of tertiary charges to a charge that
isn't in one of the designs is still a CD.
    Sable, a widget Or.
has two CDs from
    Sable, a widget and on a chief Or three wadgets sable.
(If you object that the chief, or any other secondary, isn't in the
simpler design, so you shouldn't get a CD for doing something to it:
well, by long-standing precedent, you do.)

Have I been clear here?

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