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I just received this email. Is anyone going to Estrella 
and if so, are you willing to pick up any Ansteorran 
submissions that may be generated?

With the consultation tables that Magnus has been 
running 'in kingdom' I do noit expect there to be a 
need for this.

Let me know


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How many of the Principal Heralds will be attending
Estrella War? I'll be there, and I am teaching four
classes and running the Submissions Table (again). :-)

I need to know, also, which Kingdoms are going to be
accepting submissions from the table and what fees they
need collected and how we can get their Kingdom's forms
or if you want to use Artemisian or Atenveldt forms.

If the PH is not attending, is there a senior Herald 
for your
Kingdom who will be attending? I'd like to get the major
procession Saturday night for Grand Court a _little_ 
organized than last year!!! I got a sore throat from 
so much, as the procession went through the camping 
NOT in Grand Court order, and we had to sort things out
in a very small space very quickly.

How many will be bringing their own Court Herald for
Grand Court and how many will the Principal Kingdoms
have to provide? We have quite a few 'voices' available,
overall, but knowing in advance how many and to whom
they should be assigned is so much easier than trying on
Saturday afternoon to chase down 12 or so sets of Royals
and asking them!!!

For those who aren't aware, the Grand Court processional
is in Precedence Order of the Principal Kingdoms - 
Caid, Outlands and Artemisia, followed by all other 
Kingdoms in *their* Precedence Order: West, East, 
etc. This also means that the Thrones need to be set up 
the same type of order - Atenveldt in the center, Caid 
the left (right while seated), Outlands on the right, 
to the left of Caid, West to the right of Outlands, etc.

I am not filling in all the Kingdom names in the above 
partially because I don't know who will be attending 
the Principal Kingdoms). Please let me know as soon as 

Thanks much.

See you at War!!!!

Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point
Golden Wing Principal Herald for the Kingdom of 
Artemisian Volunteer Coordinator for Estrella War

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