ANSTHRLD - Change in Asterisk Office

Richard Culver rbculver at
Mon Jan 29 11:35:35 PST 2001

>I have consulted with Asterisk and we have agreed to transfer the office to 
>the keeping of Griffin ap Rhys, Bordure Herald. for now. This change may 
>become permenant. Bordure's contact info is in the Black Star.
>If anyone has an interest in either the Bordure or Asterisk office, please 
>send a copy of your application to Bordure or Asterisk and myself for 

  What?!  I'm free?  Free at last, Free at last!  Just Kidding..sort of.  I 
am swamped with school right now (why am I taking 6 hours of German?) and 
busily planning to move to Stargate this summer.

Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding
hyrnboda Glaslynes

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