ANSTHRLD - Old Submission Query

doug bell magnus77840 at
Tue Jan 30 04:11:06 PST 2001

I have checked my list for kingdom since
March 2000.  Failing that I did a global
search of Daniels index and Laurel LoARs
since 1997 just in case something fell through.

The only conclusion that can be drawn is there has
been no activity since 1997.  Several scenarios
are possible.
The submitters time sense is misleading about
how long ago it was.   The years fly by way too
There really was a resubmission and it was
never sent to Asterisk.  I have been asked
concerning at least 10 submissions this past
year that have vanished at the local level.
The consulting tables and training new heralds
will slowly take care of that.

What concerns me more that the style of
the device is the question of was the submitter
notified of the return.  I get about 5-10
questions every consultation from a client
who never heard the fate of an item.
Granted this can be due to someone moving and
leaving no address to notify them.  Local
heralds can also change and lose track of
submission status.  Small branches may get
the Gazette and not read it.

Of more concern to me is the possibility
that kingdom is not sending notices of
return in writing.  Laurel requires this
for any return.

It is too early in the morning to worry
about that.

Oh well.  I have been working on a list of
all submissions returned for the last 8 years
that were not resubmitted.  It should make
interesting reading.  We can see if there are
any patterns over time or by location for
unresolved submissions.  The higher priority
is for returns for the last 2 1/4 years that
have not been resolved.


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