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Thanks Magnus, I'll let the submitter know so we can proceed with the submission


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Another Neassa and this one not

Neassa Portlaw

OCorrain & Maguire, Irish Names.
Page 145 under Ness gives Neassa
as a female name.  It is post 1200 but
how post 1200 a spelling I don't know.
Ness is sister of St. Ita so it should
be able to be dated by the saint.
Ness is the older spelling.

The name is Gaelic in origin which
explains a lot.
>From a book folks rarely look in.
Room, Dictionary of Irish Place Names
Page 102 header Portlaw
Port Lach 'landing place of the hill'
Portlaw is on the Clodiagh and takes
its name from the steep hill at the top of
the village.

Neassa may be a modern spelling in Gaelic
and Portlaw is an English spelling of an
Irish town.  I don't know it how modern
that one is.  This type of problem needs
work from commentary.  The above 2 references
are enough to submit it.  I am just not
sure about the period spellings without
more looking.

Magnus von Lubeck

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