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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Jan 31 08:47:52 PST 2001

Borek, Star wrote:
> Unfortunately, the Arbalest office has been behind for some time.
> The office is currently open and seeking applicants.


Arbalest (moi) got very little done, partly due to work pressure (few
weekends or evenings off) but also not *making* the time.  I handed
back the office at Twelfth Night, which I should have done months
before.  (Da'ud had a good point when I asked for advice: "If you
quit, the worst that could happen is that someone ELSE doesn't do the
job.")  It's easy to write

    In all SCA officer positions, the final duty is to notice when you
    need to leave the job and to try to find a replacement or three.
    ``Heraldic black holes'' are a recurring problem.  They can mess
    things up for years.  You must talk to your superiors (principal
    herald and/or Laurel) if you're having problems.  There is no
    shame in asking for help and advice, and no shame in getting
    someone to replace you early.  If all else utterly fails and
    you've turned into a heraldic black hole---and please look for the
    signs ...

Not so easy to do.

My apologies to the College of Heralds.

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