ANSTHRLD - Old Submission Query

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Wed Jan 31 09:20:57 PST 2001

>>Should the local Herald recieve a notice of a return?
>When I did return letters from Bordure (the fraction that I did),
>I sent copies of each of them to the local herald for the files.
>It's not mandated by the Admin Handbook, but it's a Good Thing.

When I did noficiations letters as Bordure (the fraction that I did - but
I've got my notes and still plan to get the rest out) I did _not_ sent a
copy to the local herald.  I figured that if the local herald was active,
they were reading the Gazette and already knew the results.  If they
weren't active, then there was no point in sending them a copy of the

Now, in some cases, I got the notifications returned to me because the
person moved or whatever.  I gave those returned cards to asterisk to put
in the files so we knew we had attempted to notify the submitter.

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