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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Jan 31 09:39:01 PST 2001

Mari wrote:
> I figured that if the local herald was active,
> they were reading the Gazette and already knew the results.  If they
> weren't active, then there was no point in sending them a copy of the
> notification.

Yabbut.  I was already making a photocopy (original: submitter;
copy: Asterisk for the submitter's file), so it was little hassle
to make two (copy: local's file).  I was already doing address labels
(for submitters), so it was not *too* much extra work to make
more with the appropriate locals' addresses, though it was tedious
to sort into stacks by local group and then look the locals up
on the roster.  (Obelisk: could you please print a new roster soon?)
It gave the locals something to stick in the file for that person,
rather than have to dive into AGs to figure out what happened,
or (for the organized ones) to remember to take each AG,
look thru it for local submitters' results, pull each file, and mark
on the form the date of action and the result.

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