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Results of Ansteorran submissions at the October 2000 Laurel meeting.

[I have no idea what sort of commentary Laurel might want on the first
two pended items.]

ANSTEORRA: acceptances

Adelicia Tagliaferro. Name change from Adelicia Gilwell.
     Her old name is released.

Aeschine O'Donley. Name and device. Vert, a cat passant and a chief
  triangular argent.

Agripina Argyra. Alternate name Gillian Esmond of Dragon's Ley.
     This was accidentally released in November 1999.

Anna von Eltz. Name.
     On the LoI Eltz was only documented as a river name, and no
     evidence was given that the construction von <river name> was used
     as a byname in period. However, people present at the Pelican
     meeting happened to remember an earlier submission where Eltz was
     documented as the name of a 12th century castle on the river
     Mosel, in Germany. We can, therefore, register the name.

Birgitta Frenzl. Name and device. Per chevron argent and Or, on a
  chevron embattled counter-embattled vert five roses argent.

Caterina Nadalini. Name.

Chandranath Mitra. Name and device. Per pale sable and gules, a
  decrescent argent.
     We are not entirely convinced that this name is a period Indian
     name. However, the submitter has provided enough documentation
     that we are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt,
     especially considering how limited our sources for Indian names

Dolfin of Cork. Name and device. Azure, two natural dolphins haurient
  addorsed argent and Or.

Donatien Delaborde. Device. Per fess argent and azure, two weasels
  statant counterchanged.
     Blazoned on the LoI as ferrets, the creatures on the emblazon do
     not have ferret's tails, which are narrow with a tuft at the end.
     Instead, these creatures have the thick fuzzy tail of the
     weasel. As there is an artistic if not heraldic difference, we
     have changed the blazon to match the emblazon.

Duncan MacDougall of Mendersham. Device. Or, a unicorn rampant gules.
     Nice armory!

Eibhl{i'}n MacEogan. Name and device. Per bend wavy azure and Or, a
  natural dolphin naiant embowed and a needle bendwise threaded

Elizabeth Feythe. Name.

Emma de Fetherstan. Name and device. Argent masoned sable, a feather
  bendwise sinister gules.

Eustace dela Couste. Name and device. Per pale wavy gules and azure,
  four roses in pale Or and a horse rampant contourny argent.

Gerold von Drachenh{o:}hle. Name correction.
     The byname was mistakenly registered as Drachenh{o:}le, but
     Drachenh{o:}hle was both the submitted and documented name.

Gr{a'}steinn bakrauf. Name.
     Submitted on the LoI as Grastienn bakrauf, we have corrected the
     typo and changed the name back to the originally submitted form.

Isabeau dela Couste. Name (see PENDS for device).
     Submitted as Isab{'e}au dela Couste, no evidence was given or
     found by the College for the accent in Isab{'e}au. We have changed
     the given name to a documented spelling.

Isabeau Quiquandon. Device. Per fess indented sable and gules
  estencely, a dance Or.

Issobell Sl{e'}ibe ingen Fin{a'}in u{i'} Thunthail. Name and device.
  Per pale gules and azure, on a base indented Or a sun in his splendor

Ker Megan of Taransay. Device. Azure mullety, a winged lion passant
     This was returned in error in August 1999 because no mini-emblazon
     was included on the original letter of intent.  However, an
     appropriate mini-emblazon was included as a correction on the
     following letter of intent, which was soon enough for registration

Melanie Dayly. Name.

Michael of Kendal. Name.
     His name and device were registered in August 1984, but the LoAR
     did not clearly state that the name was registered. We are
     therefore stating here that his name was registered at that time.

Muriel FitzLloyd. Alternate name Martin Fitzhugh.

Saundra of Loch Raeburn. Device. Per pall argent, sable, and azure, a
  lyre sable and two quavers argent.

Stephan of Monmouth. Name and device. Per pale Or and sable, a cross
  of Jerusalem counterchanged.

Suannoch nighean mhic Choinnich. Name.

Zecharia Ines Balzan. Name.


Aaron MacGregor. Device. Per bend bendy argent and gules and sable, a
  sinister hand argent.
     Conflict with Kenric Manning, Lozengy azure and Or, a hand argent,
     registered September, 2000.  There is not a CD between a dexter
     hand and a sinister hand, therefore there is only a single CD for
     the change to the field.

B{e'}o{a'}n mac Tarbh. Name.
     No evidence was presented for mac Tarbh as a period
     byname. Instead the LoI argued that some Gaelic names were formed
     from animal names, for instance MacCon 'son of the Wolf', Branan
     from bran 'raven', MacCart 'son of Art' from Arto 'bear'. Further,
     as the argument went, Johnston, Place Names of Scotland, under
     Tarff, gives its origin as Gaelic Tarbh 'bull'. However, no dates
     are given, and furthermore Johnston's etymologies are sometimes
     suspect. Barring better documentation for the byname we are
     returning this.

Galen of Bristol. Device change. Gules, a bend wavy between two
  double-bitted axes Or, as an augmentation on the bend a mullet of
  five greater and five lesser points sable.
     The waves on the bend are far too flat to be registerable.
     Furthermore, as we protect both the augmented arms and the
     unaugmented arms, a device change and an augmentation must be
     submitted as two separate actions.

Hans Faust von Bamberg. Name.
     This is a resubmission of a Laurel return for conflict with Johann
     Faust, better known as Doctor Faustus, a significant legendary
     character. Hans is a diminutive of Johann, so something else was
     needed to clear the conflict. The submitter tried to add a
     locative byname von Bamberg. Unfortunately for him, however,
     Bamberg is the home city of Dr. Faust. Just as Julie Capulet of
     Verona would conflict with Juliet of Romeo and Juliet fame, this
     submission still conflicts with the Doctor.

Myghell MacEdward de Grey. Device. Quarterly sable and vert, a snow
  leopard's head affronty erased proper collared gules.
     The Letter of Intent claimed that the February 2000 LoAR listed
     the device as returned but did not give any reason for the return;
     however, all of the copies of the LoAR that I can find indicate
     that the device was registered in February 2000.


Bjorn Lochlannac. Device change. Argent, two spears in saltire gules
  surmounted by a bear's head erased affronty sable, a bordure sable
     Originally submitted as a bear's head, the overall charge was
     changed to a boar's head on the letter of intent and thus was
     erroneously registered as a boar's head in November 1989.  An
     examination of the emblazon shows that it is a bear's head, so we
     are pending this so that the College can comment on the correct

Catriona Heather MacLochlainn. Device change. Argent, a catamount
  passant reguardant sable and base three shamrocks, a bordure vert.
     The original Letter of Intent for the device blazoned the
     catamount as vert, and the error was not discovered when it was
     registered in May 1994. Therefore, according to the administrative
     handbook, this must be checked as if it were a device
     change. Therefore we are pending it so that the College can
     comment on the correct blazon.

Isabeau dela Couste. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a
  heart gules and a fleur-de-lys argent.
     The letter of intent had blazoned the fleur-de-lys as Or.
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