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> Not to be too nit picky, ( I usually save that for Daniel :-)
> But the local should be getting the information about the status of every
> item that was discussed in Kingdom thru the Annotated Internal Collated
> Commentary that is published in the Gazette.   And for many years Laurels
> actions on Ansteorran items was being published also.  If you have not or do
> not recieve the  Gazette then the information is also being made available
> on the appropriate web pages,  and
> The Gazette is more than bird cage liner.

Well the last Gazette I got had two months worth of comments.  The first 
month listed commentary and the action taken.  The second month, (the one 
that had all the Northkeep submissions) listed only the commentary and did 
not say what action was taken.  I haven't recieved one since then.  We can't 
really schedule commentary here anymore as we have no idea when or if we will 
recieve a Gazette to comment on.  

Robert Fitzmorgan
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