[Heralds] Re: ANSTHRLD - To Close a position

PoetLover poetlover at spdway.net
Wed May 2 14:25:51 PDT 2001

> The trend towards holding consultation tables at larger events seems to be
working better and I believe even more submissions than ever are being
processed by the kingdom (as you should be able to check and verify)  ;-)

What about having a consultation table at smaller events as well. As a
fairly new and fairly inexperienced Herald, I could definitely use the help
at the smaller events that I go to. Like currently I have a shire member
looking for a Germanic or Norse form of Destiny....I have not been able to
find anything. However, had a consultation table been at our local event
last weekend, I could have gotten help from a more experienced Herald.
(Griffin you have been a BIG help to me whenever I have a question) I have
been getting help via email and the web, but in person help is much better
and I don't always get to go to larger events.
(PS any help in documenting the spelling for my name would be greatly
appreciated) :)

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