[Heralds] Re: ANSTHRLD - To Close a position

Brent Ryder bryder at compucom.com
Wed May 2 05:29:29 PDT 2001

>>> lord_housemythos at hotmail.com 05/01/01 05:47PM >>>
>I do not really agree with the argument that Herald should be one of those
>positions that is able to be "shut-down."  I think it is a vital post, and one >that should be filled.  This isn't a slam against Cyniric (Sorry if it comes >across that way, big guy) but I have found that groups without heralds >simply do not make submissions to the Kingdom.  Submissions to Kingdom = >More Heraldic Interest and More Money for Kingdom.
>I am sure that someone can be found to take over the position.  If not, no
>prob, just lamenting another group with "No Herald Option" listed.

I agree that all the groups should have ACTIVE local heralds, but mandating it does not produce the results you have outlined. When I was a regional herald, I found many of the local heralds under me were 'warm body' heralds. They were there to fill the groups requirements for the office and did practically nothing which included reporting and promotion and processing of submissions. The 'No Herald Option' was a way to take the load off the local groups to fill this position and it allows the regional to know where they need to concentrate their efforts.

The trend towards holding consultation tables at larger events seems to be working better and I believe even more submissions than ever are being processed by the kingdom (as you should be able to check and verify)  ;-)

Borek, Star

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