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Richard Culver rbculver at
Tue May 1 18:24:19 PDT 2001

>I do not really agree with the argument that Herald should be one of those
>positions that is able to be "shut-down."  I think it is a vital post, and
>one that should be filled.  This isn't a slam against Cyniric (Sorry if it
>comes across that way, big guy) but I have found that groups without 
>simply do not make submissions to the Kingdom.

  well in all honesty, Griffin, I have been herald for a year and a half and 
have not done submissions.  Mere did the new canton device submission, an 
art student drew it after the populace decided on it, and people in my 
canton had devices originating in Elfsea and Namron prior to my taking the 
position.  I have essentially been filling out reports (often late) and 
feeling useless because I have not had the time really to learn this.   I 
have helped Magnus once with Dunstan æt Petresstowe's name, only a little 
even then.  He has helped more times than I can count, especially during my 
failed attempt as Deputy Asterisk.  I hope to at least get four submissions 
off in May, probably from down there.
   I started off volunteering to HL Darius of the Bells as a name herald for 
Old Germanic names (boy have I been busy- the sixth century is popular these 
days :P ).  Then HL Airaklee Wolf asked if I would expand to the role of 
canton herald, because we were under the impression we NEEDED it.

  Submissions to
>Heraldic Interest and More Money for Kingdom.
>I am sure that someone can be found to take over the position.  If not, no
>prob, just lamenting another group with "No Herald Option" listed.

  The groups has about twenty people, but only a strong core of about ten.  
We have four positions now coming up for renewal, if we include mine, which 
leaves, staisticly two to spare.  HOWEVER, Denton is a college town and 
while we do not have many students, a number of that core are part-time/ 
full-time students with full-time jobs and families.  I know others have 
done it in this kingdom, but in our group really look out for one another.  
I would not want to pass this on to someone unwilling or inexperienced.  I 
still have little clue about armory or names.  I really think the position 
is best filled by people with a passion, not just those looking for an 
officer spot or because they were the one not really doing anything.

Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding

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