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In this case, rather than trying to document such a name, you can probably
steer him to a better name that will still please him.  I suspect that what
he wants is a name that suggests an allegiance to Óðinn, rather than
claiming to be the god -- so what I'd do is to point out that Óðinn was
associated with wolves, ravens, and spears, and then look at all the many
names that use elements with those meanings.  And further, the berserks were
by all accounts Óðinn's men, and so the wolf and bear names would suggest
that connection.

I personally don't see "silverwolf" as being a completely unworkable name,
though.  The byname silfra is attested, and then you have the proper name
Úlfr, from which you could make Silfra-úlfr along the same pattern that
Kveldúlfr (twilight-wolf) or Þórólfr (Thorr+úlfr) was constructed,
prepending the byname.  "Silfra-úlfr" isn't as easy to say nor does it roll
trippingly from the tongue as does Kveldúlfr, but I don't see why it
wouldn't be workable.

Maybe your client would like something such as:

Silfra-úlfr Geirsson (spear-son)
Silfra-úlfr Hrafnason (raven-son)
Silfra-úlfr Bjarnarson (bear-son)
Silfra-úlfr Úlfhedinsson (wolf-head-son, berserker-son)

and so forth.


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Ok, I think I am about to open another can of worms, but here I go anyway. I
have another newbie that wants his name to be Odin Silverwolf. He wishes his
a to be Norse. How hard would this be to pass? What changes would I need to
bring up to him to make it easier for this name to pass?
Thanks for ALL your help and comments.....BTW Destiny has about decided to
try either a different culture or a different name.

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