[Heralds] Yet another name question

PoetLover poetlover at spdway.net
Fri May 4 06:01:00 PDT 2001

Ok let me see what I can remember from my discussions with this one:

> In this case, rather than trying to document such a name, you can probably
> steer him to a better name that will still please him.  I suspect that
> he wants is a name that suggests an allegiance to Óðinn, rather than
> claiming to be the god -- so what I'd do is to point out that Óðinn was
> associated with wolves, ravens, and spears, and then look at all the many
> names that use elements with those meanings.  And further, the berserks
> by all accounts Óðinn's men, and so the wolf and bear names would suggest
> that connection.

No, he is not claiming to be the god Odin, but rather he liked the
connotation and allegiance to the god. My husband has a book entitled
_Leaves of Yggdrasil_ by Freya Asywnn in which the wolf is listed as one of
Odin's animal associations and the color silver was also listed as an
association with Odin. After looking through this book , Billy decided  on
the name Odin. (He had decided on Silverwolf before he even met me.) He also
wanted this name because he currently has twelve of the twenty-four runes
tattooed on his arms....the other twelve to be put on his legs. And since
Odin is the god that ung from the tree of likfe to aquire the runes, Billy
decided this was the name he wanted. I MIGHT be able to talk him around to
another name or another version of the name he wants.

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