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Top Ten List
The Top Ten Clues That Your Name Probably Will Not Pass
Pennon or Laurel
10. You absolutely insist upon being Arthur Pendragon
or Gandalf the Grey.
9. The name Cereus Giganteus is Latin all right, but
it's the genus and species of the Saguaro cactus...
which grows only in Arizona.
8. The name John the Bearkiller is already taken.
7. You made it up for an RPG character using a random
names generator.
6. The local Herald took one look at it six weeks ago
and still hasn't stopped laughing.
5. You've discussed it several times with the Kingdom
Submissions Herald and now she runs whenever she sees
you coming.
4. Your persona story and chosen name decree that you
are a recently acknowledged son of Odin, on the Mongol
side of the family.
3. "The Anal-Retentive" probably was not a period
2. Laurel has already sent it back once with the
comment "Not in this lifetime, baby".
1. Your documentation says that your name is "Pernese,
4th Pass".


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