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In Old Norse, you might see a proper name, Úlfr, combined with a byname
prepended.  Two examples of this from the literature are Kveldúlfr
(Twilight-Úlfr, so-called because he was most active in the evenings and the
rumor had it that he was actually a werewolf) and Þórólfr, who was named
Úlfr at birth, but had the name of the god tacked onto the name when he was
dedicated to Thorr.

It may be my knee-jerk reaction, but when I see names like "silverwolf" or
"Old Wolf" or "Wise Wolf" etc. I think of the Lady Pixie Moonglow name
generator... or "Dances with Wolves".


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On the 'Silverwolf' question, Is there an equivalent such as 'Old Wolf',
'Wise Wolf', or somthing along that line? It sounds more like a nickname
than a patronymic to me.


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