[Heralds] German/Norse name for Destiny

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.org
Fri May 4 07:08:31 PDT 2001

Since I missed the start of the "Destiny" name thread, I'm not sure if the
client was looking for a masculine or feminine name.

I'd suggest though, that a good name or name element would be Auð-.  The
prefix Auð- is occasionally written Od- and is of uncertain origin, but may
be from Old Icelandic auðr, "wealth," though it is also suggested that it
may be related to the poetical term auðr, "fate, destiny".

Feminine names:
Auða (short form of names in Auð-)
Auðbjörg (-björg, "deliverance"
Auðhelga (-helga, "holy")
Auðhildr (-hildr, "battle")

Masculine names:
Auðbjörn (-björn, "bear")
Auðgeirr (-geirr, "spear")
Auðgrímr (-grímr, "helmet, mask")
Auði (short form of names beginning in Auð-)
Auðketill (-ketill, "helm")
Auðmaðr, Auðmann (originally a by-name, -maðr and -mann are "man")
Auðólfr, Auðulfr (-ólfr or -ulfr, "wolf")
Auðunn, Auðvini (-unn, -vini, "friend")

Also masculine names such as:

Dómaldi "time of judgement, season of doom or fate"
Dómárr "famous judgement, famous doom, famous destiny"
Ørlygr "fate, doom, especially in battle", derives from örlög

Fellows-Jensen also suggests Feigr, "fey, fated to die, death-bound" as an
Anglo-Scandinavian formation, originally a by-name, "fated to die,


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