[Heralds] Yet another name question

Jodi McMaster jodimc at texas.net
Fri May 4 18:37:41 PDT 2001

"C. L. Ward" wrote:
> I think that in the case of Old Norse names you should be able to select
> probably no less than two or three names that would be representative of the
> individual's affinity for a given god so that the name is still documentable
> and doesn't cause excessive uncontrolled facial tics for others hearing it.

And if <Silverwolf> is his nonnegotiable part, the <Silfra-úlfr> that
Gunnora suggested is way more cool than the English version.  That with
a patronymic would rock.

And on the technical side--Gunnora, how do you get an asch typed in the

Ælfwyn, cutting and pasting...
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