[Heralds] Typing high order ASCII characters in names

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.org
Sat May 5 08:35:51 PDT 2001

>And on the technical side--Gunnora, how do you get
>an asch typed in the email?

If you are using an IBM PC/PC clone, you can access the high-order ASCII
characters by holding down the ALT key, then using the numeric keypad to
type in the ASCII code for the character you want.  thus:

ALT+0193 = Á  ALT+0225 = á
ALT+0196 = Ä  ALT+0228 = ä
ALT+0197 = Å  ALT+0229 = å
ALT+0198 = Æ  ALT+0230 = æ
ALT+0201 = É  ALT+0233 = é
ALT+0203 = Ë  ALT+0235 = ë
ALT+0205 = Í  ALT+0237 = í
ALT+0211 = Ó  ALT+0243 = ó
ALT+0214 = Ö  ALT+0246 = ö
ALT+0216 = Ø  ALT+0248 = ø
ALT+0218 = Ú  ALT+0250 = ú
ALT+0220 = Ü  ALT+0252 = ü
ALT+0221 = Ý  ALT+0253 = ý
ALT+0208 = Ð  ALT+0240 = ð
ALT+0222 = Þ  ALT+0254 = þ
ALT+0223 = ß

You can also on many Windows machines find a little utility in the Windows
directory called CHARMAP.EXE, which allows you to open it and select the
needed character then cut it to the clipboard.

And you can set up Windows to use a Scandinavian keyboard setup.


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