[Heralds] Checking on a device

Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
Mon May 14 11:03:33 PDT 2001

Heilsa Bridgid;

I found the following info on your question in the Letters of Acceptances and Returns for January 2001.  Unfortunately his device was returned.   Hope this information helps when he does his again does his resubmission


William Killian: Device. Azure, in canton a mullet of four points, a bordure argent.

Conflict with Ariel of Alon, Azure, two compass stars argent and a sword argent, hilted gules, winged Or, a bordure argent. As neither a compass star nor a mullet of four points are period charges, and they differ only by the addition of the lesser points, there is not a CD between a mullet of four points and a compass star. There is also not a CD for arrangement on the field, because William's mullet occupies the same space as one of Ariel's compass stars. Therefore there is only a single CD for changing the number of primary charges.

original message was:

>Greetings all. I have been asked to inquire as to the status of a device >submission made by Lord William Killian. He had submitted the device >once and had it returned for conflict. He then fixed the device and he
>resubmitted it in early 2000. The last I had heard it was going to Laurel. >Does anyone know what has happened to it since then?

>Bridgid of Kincairn
>Herald of Stonebridge Keep

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