[Heralds] Conflict Double-Check: Lion Rampant

Ray Smith rayasmith at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 20:49:49 PDT 2001

I have a client who is looking at a device for
submittal, and wanted it conflict-checked first.  I
THINK it might be clear, but am unsure on a couple of
conflict-checking points on this.

The description he sent me is: "A yellow lion -
rampant, on a field of blue, with a yellow border,
inside the border of yellow blue fluer-de-lys", which
I believe would translate into Heraldic as: "Azure, a
lion rampant Or within a bordure Or semy of
fleur-de-lys azure."

The border-line conflicts I have questions are two.
1."Azure, a leopard's head jessant-de-lys Or with a
bordure Or crusily latin Azure" (D: Roland de Lyon,
August 1990).  One CD for the leopard's-head vs. the
lion rampant.  One for the fleur-de-lys vs. the latin
crosses on the bordure, or no?

2."Azure, a tower Or within a bordure Or mulletty of
four points Azure" (B: Sternfeld, February 1981 <or is
it 1987-can't read my own notes>).  One CD for the
tower Or vs. the lion rampant Or; another CD for the
mulletty of four points vs. the semy of fleur-de-lys
azure on the bordure?

I guess these are both variants of the same question:
do you get a CD for the charges or semys (semies?) on
a bordure?

Thank you,

Andre de Chartres, Halberd-Pursiuvant Bryn-Gwlad (who
has apparently finally learned to spell his title if
not his name)

"Everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world." - T.L. Ranger

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