[Heralds] Lion Rampant and Bordure

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Fri May 18 23:08:52 PDT 2001

Andre I must say you managed to visit a lot of my armory
headaches in one example.

Azure, a lion rampant within a bordure Or, semy-de-lys azure.
This looks clear of conflict.

1."Azure, a leopard's head jessant-de-lys Or with a
bordure Or crusily latin Azure" (D: Roland de Lyon,
August 1990).  One CD for the leopard's-head vs. the
lion rampant.  One for the fleur-de-lys vs. the latin
crosses on the bordure, or no?
Both are X.2 simple (probably) and I would argue that a lion rampant is
substantially different from a leopard's head.  Thus X.2 flushes the
conflict.  The only thing to stop up the plumbing is the question, is a
jessant-de-lys charge a single primary charge?  We went round and round on
this a few month's ago with jessant lion and wolf and punted it to Laurel
for a ruling.  Trying to figure that one out is probably as painful as what
happened to the jessant leopard.
If we wish to avoid that mess we can try the other "simple" way to clear it.
X.4.j.ii.  Only the new device has to be simple and it is.  We need a
substantial change of type for the tertiary.
We also have that with fleur-de-lys versus latin cross.
So we get a CD for change of type for primary and change of type to tertiary
on the bordure.

2. Barony of Sternfeld, February of 1987 (via the Middle):
Azure, a tower Or within a bordure Or, mulletty of four points azure.  for
the Order of the Golden Tower.
Both are X.2 simple and a tower is substantially different from a lion
rampant.  X.2 flushes the conflict.

Let Daniel explain X.2 and X.4.j.ii clearing.
He can do it MUCH better than I could.  The only thing I will say is that it
is "simple" much as the domesticated cat isn't.

Magnus von Lubeck

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