[Heralds] Fwd: Heraldic Questions-Arabella of Rosehall

Ray Smith rayasmith at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 08:58:23 PDT 2001

Greetings.  I have yet another client with one or two
questions that I'm not sure how to answer.
Any help or comments would be appreciated.

> 1)  My current, registered SCA name is Arabella of
> Thornwood.  I wish to
> remain Arabella, but would like to change this to
> some variation on Arabella
> Bluerose (possibly, of Rose Hall).  I know Arabella
> is documentable (I
> believe in Withycombe), but I do not currently have
> access to a copy.  I did
> a search of the Ordinary, and I found one other
> Bluerose registered (which,
> I am aware, is not documentation).

Does anyone know of any documentation for Bluerose?
If not, since obviously someone somewhere had some
kind of documentation for "Bluerose," would the next
step be to get ahold of the appropriate kingdom's
herald and ask them if they know what documentation
was used for that byname?

> If Bluerose if not registerable, I would
> accept Arabella of Rose Hall (or Rosehall).  Can you
> comment on the
> possibility of getting this passed through the CoA?

> 2)  I currently have the following armory
> registered:
> device:  Per pale argent and purpure, a chevron
> cotised counterchanged
> badge:  Per pale azure and argent, three chevronels
> braced and in chief
> three roses two and one counterchanged, barbed and
> seeded proper.
> If possible, I would like to release my current
> device, and change my badge
> back to my device, with one minor change.  Instead
> of the roses being barbed
> and seeded proper, I would like to make them barbed
> and seeded sable.  What
> are your comments on the possibility of this?

> 4)  Finally, I am no artist, is there anyone in the
> Barony who might be able
> to assist with getting a good drawing of my proposed
> device for the
> application procedure.  I would be willing to pay a
> reasonable charge for
> their assistance, since I realize this would take
> some time.

Does anyone know of any heraldic artists in the
Bryn-Gwlad area who is willing to do devices for
applicants (not just this one but others as well -
there's a reason my device is "per chevron argent and
Or a chevron sable:) )

Thank you, and apologizing in advance for any more
headaches this might cause:)


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