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Andrea Hicks maridonna at worldnet.att.net
Sat May 19 09:46:08 PDT 2001

Ray Smith wrote:
> Does anyone know of any documentation for Bluerose?
> If not, since obviously someone somewhere had some
> kind of documentation for "Bluerose," would the next
> step be to get ahold of the appropriate kingdom's
> herald and ask them if they know what documentation
> was used for that byname?

The OED shows no entry for bluerose, and in the entry for rose mentions
rose cultivated in common colors but not blue. R&W shows s.n. Redrose,
but no Whiterose, etc. Maybe they used Redrose as a prototype?
> > If Bluerose if not registerable, I would
> > accept Arabella of Rose Hall (or Rosehall).  Can you
> > comment on the
> > possibility of getting this passed through the CoA?

Ekwall, Eilert.  The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names
4th edition, 1991, Clarendon Press, ISBN 0-19-869103-3, p. 392, s.n.
show Rose Castle; Rosa 1275; La Rose 1288; (manor of) Rose 1291. Rose
Castle is the residence of the Bishop of Carlisle. Rose is no doubt the
word rose used in some special sense, e.g. as a generald epithet for
excellence or beauty or in allusion to the tose as the emblem of the
Virgin Mary.

There is another pl.n. which she could consider, but it doesn't mean the
flower. S.n. Ross Hall: (one spelling) Roshal 1222. Probably 'halh where
the horses grazed'.

Andrea / Maridonna

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