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>1) My current, registered SCA name is Arabella of  Thornwood.

Jonathan Bluerose - This name was registered in March of 1983 (via the
With a name that old there is no documentation required.  Most items older
than 1992
tend to be worthless for telling you anything with names.  In short we start

Reaney & Wilson gives page 375 s.n. Redrose gives William Rederose 1301,
Woderose 1332 ‘wild rose’.  page 383 s.n. Rose gives Adam atte Rose 1305
from the sign
of the rose.  That takes care of the color + rose part.  We still need to
find blue used in a
compound name and I can’t in Ekwall.  The entry Blofield gives the OE blaw
as only a
reference to the pigment and not used to describe places.  Reaney & Wilson
page 49 s.n.
Blewett gives Old French bleuet as a diminutive of bleu ‘blue’.  So the word
is at least
from period.  You might wish to use Arabella atte Bluerose and use the inn
You can represent a blue rose on an inn sign.
Rose Hall- Ekwall s.n. Rose Castle gives manor of Rose 1291 and s.n Woodhall
gives Wudehall 1212, le Wodehalle 1303 from Old English wudu-hall ‘hall in a
In s.n. Hall it also gives it as Old English and a residence, manorhouse, a
building for
worship, a building for legal purposes, a court of law.
Arabella - Withycombe page 29 s.n. Arabella gives Arabella wife of John de
from 1255.
All of the above books are on Laurel no photocopies list.

Magnus von Lubeck

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