[Heralds] winged stag & rider etc.

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Sun May 20 01:51:44 PDT 2001

That's right, the rider and hart are co-primaries.
The search of the Armorial showed that but it was
overlooked in complexity.  At least I lured one of the armory experts out of
hiding to correct it.

I can't see the maintained lance being large enough
to affect complexity without becoming slot machine.

Can anyone talk the submitter into getting
rid of the lance?  If it is drawn the size
for a maintained charge it will look like a
large pin.  If drawn the normal size of a lance
it becomes a slot machine return.  If it does
boost complexity to 8 then there is another
very good reason to drop it.

A complexity of 7 would help this device but
the design is still very full.  The length
of the blazon gives some idea of the detail.
I am not as concerned about the winged riding
beast as the salient position.  It might be better
passant with a rider.

Are there period examples of a mounted knight
on a horse with a lance being used in armory?
I don't feel up to dragging out the armory
books to look through them tonight.

Aside from the complexity, the device is attractive
but I am glad I don't have to do the artistic
work to draw all that.


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