[ANSTHRLD] "Fieldless" Question

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at jump.net
Sun May 20 18:24:55 PDT 2001

"Griffin ap Rhys" <lord_housemythos at hotmail.com> wrote:
> "Azure, a lion passant within a bordure Or."
> versus
> [Fieldless] "A lion passant Or."
> I tried to get it out of the rules, but to no avail.

RfS X.4.a.iii: "Fieldless Difference - A piece of fieldless armory
automatically has one clear difference from any other armory, fielded
or fieldless."  The fieldless bribe is one CD.

2 sentences later, RfS X.4.b: "Addition of Charges on the Field -
Adding or removing any group of charges placed directly on the field,
including strewn charges, is one clear difference."  The bordure is
the second CD.

A fieldless item can't have a bordure.  Nevertheless, it's still
addition / deletion of a charge.

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