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> And yes, submitters do sometimes lie like an old

Well, yes, but.......   The #1 definition of "lie" in the Random House
Unabridged is "a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an
intentional untruth; a falsehood."  As an ex-Asterisk, I have these rules of

A submitter (or herald) who doesn't understand is not lying but revealing a
need for education.

A submitter (or herald) who doesn't remember correctly is not lying but
revealing a need for a reminder, and perhaps some clues on how to look things
up in our records. [BTW, Daniel and Magnus, thanks for including your sources
so well in all your explanations.]

A submitter (or herald) who states "This spelling is documented to 1358 on
page 136 of Withycombe" even though it isn't, is lying like a mangy old dog
on a ragged cheap rug and deserves to be stomped into a dog-shaped greasy

Auntie Kathri, who says "Let's be careful out there lest we get as acrid as

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