[ANSTHRLD] Attacking Goose Blazon

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at jump.net
Wed May 30 11:16:08 PDT 2001

Lady Sunnifa of Lindenwood asks how to blazon and emblazon a
"ticked-off goose".

I don't recall seeing the phrase "goose rousant", only "swan rousant"
(the real-world default for swans), but I think it's a plausible
position.  For the swan, a badge of Henry V of England, see
I'm not sure how we'd blazon the dexter wing being forward like that.
"A goose displayed" implies that the goose's body faces the viewer.


The normal SCA "bird rousant" has the body bendwise with the wings
elevated and addorsed -- not like in that picture, but with both wings
up and back from the body, like it's on the very top of the upstroke
on flapping the wings.

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