[ANSTHRLD] Damasca Gisele de Bier Return

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 12:45:51 PST 2002

In all fairness to Mari very few people have the
Prosopography of Rome and even fewer would want it.
It is several thousand pages of reading over 3 volumes
and slightly drier than summer in the Sahara.

What it does give us is the name is period, was used in
late classical, early dark ages, and the Byzantine region.
I was thinking of the classical revival of such names
during the Renaissance in Italy and England.

This is a case of whether what the submittor wants is registerable
and not of historical name formation.  People may not like
a lot of questionable items that are registerable but they
are, unfortuately, registerable.

A resubmission looks like the easiest way to correct the

As for me, I am just tired of explaining our mistakes
to angry and annoyed clients over the past 2 years
and then having to write appeals to fix them.

And, Daniel is irresistable as a kitten when he is annoyed. :)

who is no longer annoyed now

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