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Thu Jan 3 13:32:54 PST 2002

Magnus wrote:
> As for me, I am just tired of explaining our mistakes to angry and
> annoyed clients over the past 2 years and then having to write
> appeals to fix them.

I can sumpathize with that, but I don't consider the instant case a
mistake.  We just didn't have the needed evidence.  The conclusion was
correct given the evidence of the time.

> And, Daniel is irresistable as a kitten when he is annoyed.

I've been copyediting LoARs recently, and it's affecting me.  It's a
sentence fragment and there's no need for the conjunction.  I prefer
to have "as ... as" parallelism.  Also, what is the referent of "he":
is Daniel annoyed or is the kitten annoyed?  Please recast the
sentence to clarify your intent:

   1) An annoyed Daniel is as irresistable as a kitten.
   2) Daniel is as irresistable as an annoyed kitten.

Daniel (I'm pretty resistable, as long experience sheweth, so probably #2)
de Lincolia
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