[ANSTHRLD] Northern Regional Herald

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Wed Jan 16 08:21:10 PST 2002

[I promised to write more later...]

First off, let me say that I am happy to be taking on the role of
Northern Regional Herald and that I look forward to serving the region
and the College of Heralds.

I am Honorable Lord Etienne de Saint Amaranth.  I have served in the
past as Obelisk Herald (publisher of the heralds' newsletter) and as a
branch herald.  I like to consult on armory submissions, I dabble a bit
in name submissions (but generally know who to ask for better info), and
enjoy all aspects of voice heraldry.  I also like to teach and mentor so
it is never an imposition to ask me to help someone through their first
court or to assist them in doing an online conflict check.

I do not have the regional files yet.  In fact, due to professional
travels, I am currently writing this missive from the coastal lands of
Trimaris.  (They don't know that I'm here, so shhh...)  I will be
getting with Tadgh to transfer the files as soon as we can schedule a
mutually good time to make the transfer.  I appreciate all of Tadgh's
efforts in this office and wish him well in his new role serving in the

To business...

I will be contacting all of the current heralds in the Northern Region
individually in the near future (and seneschals of groups without
heralds).  If for any reason, you need to reach me about a heraldic
issue in the North before I contact you, please feel free to contact me
first.  My contact info is included in the signature.  Until everything
is transferred, DO NOT send emails for me to the Northern Regional
Herald email account on the ansteorra.org server.  I do not have access
to it yet and you may wait quite awhile for an answer.  Please use my
business email and my home phone and address until further notice.

The invitation to contact me is not limited to heralds and seneschals.
As a regional herald, I serve the region and the college.  Anyone is
welcome to contact me with issues, concerns, expectations, hopes,
dreams, kegs of mead, invitations to bardic circles, etc.

Reports from local heralds were due (if I understand correctly) by Jan.
10 to Tadgh.  For February, they need to come to me.  If a message gets
missed, or a group herald is not on either of these lists, then I am
sure Tadgh and I will stay in touch but try to get the word to your
local northern heralds.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Nordsteorra Herald
1314 South Atlanta Place
Tulsa, OK  74104-4313
(918) 584-3019
darin_herndon at bswintl.com

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