Andrea Hicks maridonna at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jan 21 19:11:17 PST 2002

"D. Vandever" wrote:
> Dear Brothers and Sisters,
> I am a new and little and uneducated herald in the position of trying to
> serve my Canton of Gate's Edge.  A lady in our canton has been trying to
> research documentation of the name:   Alialael  (pronounced
> ah-LEE-ah-lay-EL) She has found documentation for "Alia" at the Saint
> Gabriel site but not for the second part of that name.  This will be the
> first name of her personnae the second is a Scotch surname and is easily
> documentable.  Can you advise me for her?  Thank you.

Hello Annes!

Can you give us some more information, please?

Where at St. Gabriel did he find Alia?  Their library is listed by
culture or country.
What is she aiming for with the name Alialael?  What culture is it
supposed to be?

Sorry for the third degree, but it helps us help the client.

Andrea / Maridonna

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