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Sun Jan 27 07:06:19 PST 2002

Dear Andrea/Maridonna and Magnus and any other interested heralds,

> "D. Vandever" wrote:
A lady in our canton has been trying to
> > research documentation of the name:   Alialael  (pronounced
> > ah-LEE-ah-lay-EL) She has found documentation for "Alia" at the Saint
> > Gabriel site but not for the second part of that name.  This will be the
> > first name of her personnae the second is a Scotch surname and is easily
> > documentable.  Can you advise me for her?

> Where at St. Gabriel did she find Alia?  Their library is listed by
> culture or country.
> What is she aiming for with the name Alialael?  What culture is it
> supposed to be?
> Andrea / Maridonna

Sorry it has taken so long to come back to you.  Here is what she has
written to me:


"Above is a website where I have found a form of   "Alia"  I would just like
to drop the "nora" off the end of it and add "lael".  Do you think this will
fly with the College of Heralds?  I didn't even think I would find this
name.  I have Yet to find "lael" on it's own.  Help.  What do you think?"

"Hello again,

I have found another site with a reference to Alia.  With this information
and the previous email I sent is it possible to pass "Alia" for name?"


"Hi Annes

Here are the sites you requested.  There are more on the internet, however
after looking at nearly all of them, the first two give the lengthy history
of MacDhaibhidh.  The first one will give you the "Sound Byte"
pronunciation. Hope these help.  Thanks for your help.



I saw this young lady at our Archery practice in Gate's edge yesterday and
quized her with the questions you asked.  She is very willing to use a
shortened version in the form of "Alia" instead of "Alialael".  As to why
this name, it has to do with the fact that this is a name she has used for
sometime both on the internet and as a nickname among friends.  She said
something about just really liking the way it sounded.  She is new enough
that she doesn't seem to yet be aiming for any particular place or sound
with her name.  I feel she just really likes this name, has used it in the
past, has lots of people who know her as "Alia" and would like to continue
using it if she possibly can in Society.  I'd like to see if we can help her
do that within period usage.  Now the surname has a stronger reason for use
in her mind.  She wants to use the "MacDhaibhidh" surname as it is part of
her family background, I believe but not her name now.  I can see from her
reports and from what Magnus sent that "Alia" is a French first name and of
course the surname is Scots. Is there much problem with mixing names from
the two different countries?  I don't know about time period but two of the
report sites Magnus sent combined go from 800 to 1300 so is time a factor in
this name?  Depending on what personae story she develops there may be a
reason for a French first name and a Scots surname...such as Daddy went to
France and married a French-lady who named her daughter with a French first
name but daughter has Daddy's last name.

Thanks again for all your help.

Canton of Gate's Edge

Ps.  Magnus, the links you sent would not let me read the reports as I
needed a password and user name.  I am assuming you have one?  Can you send
me the reports or tell me how I can get a user name and password?

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