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Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Jan 22 05:41:22 PST 2002

OOOPPPS sorry, That was suppose to be "has not been registered"

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> Greetings and Hi There to the List,
> I heard something this weekend that distrubs me greatly on several counts
> it is true.
> I heard that our award, "The Rising Star of Ansteorra" is to be
> That after 12 years it has been registared.  And now the "Rising Star"
> seems to be causing problems as to it's period useaage.
> WHAT????
> Granted I haven't been very active as a herald of late.  But all this
> very bad to me.  With all the various items, things, both real and
> on land, in water and in the heavens that we use in heraldry that there
> should be a problem with this.
> So what's up with this??
> Gilli
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