[ANSTHRLD] Out of Kingdom Name Documentation Request - Laura Elena

Ansteorran Kingdom Star Principal Herald herald at ansteorra.org
Fri Jan 25 14:22:11 PST 2002

Howdy all

I just received this in my email and wanted to know if you all could help with
the request if not the full name documentation for 'Laura Elena' of purported
Iberian persona.


Borek, Star

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From: Elizabeth Rivera <erianthe_ at hotmail.com>

Subject: Past name documentation: Maria Elena de los Santos

To: herald at ansteorra.org


I am new to the SCA and am researching a name for my persona.  Although I
understand that past approval is not evidence for new approval, I would like to
ask you for the documentation references for a name that was registered in

I undertstand that past name registration does not constitute documentation for
new registrations and that standards have changed considerably even in recent
years.  However, if these names were  validly documented, I would like to have
the bibliographies.

The name in question here is Laura Elena, to be used with an Iberian persona of
an undetermined time period.  I would like to document not just the use of both
names Laura and Elena in SCA compatible Iberia , but also to find documentation
for the use of two given names in period.

The society records show that you registered the name "Maria Elena de los
Santos" (January 2000).  If this name was not registered under the mundane name
exception, would it be possible for you to provide me with the pertinent

Thank you for your time.

Elizabeth M. Rivera Hudders

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